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0 = Never or almost never have the symptom

1 = Occasionally have it, effect is not severe

2 = Occasionally have, effect is severe

3 = Frequently have it, effect is not severe

4 = Frequently have it, effect is severe

The Gut IQ Test

I am Constipated*

I feel bloated, especially after eating*

After eating, i get congested, phlegm in my throat*

After eating, i get heart burn or acid reflux*

I get a lot of gas an flatulence, especially after eating*

After eating, I feel out of breath. I tend to feel that something is not functioning properly in the body*

My tongue is coated with a thick whitish film especially in the morning*

In the morning, i feel foggy and muddled- i dont have a clear head. It takes me a while to feel like i'm really awake*

My body feels heavy and slow*

I feel tired during the afternoon (starting around 2pm), even when i had 6-8 hours of sleep the previous night*

I feel lazy and unmotivated. I cant seem to break out of this feeling of laziness.*

I have congested sinuses or lungs, and/or chronic allergies*

I feel mentally clouded most days. I dont have that "sharp mind" i used to have*

I tend to spit/ feel like spitting repeatedly or have a bad taste in my mouth*

Often i have no taste for food, and no real appetite*

I have a dull, heavy, achy feeling in my stomach like im carrying a weight around*

I get colds and other and other minor viruses frequently, seems like I catch everything*

I dont have a bowel movement everyday- may be every other day, or even just once, twice, thrice a week*

I get out of breath from minor exertion, like walking up a few stairs or walking quickly. *

Exercise, or physical exertion in general/ minor works at home or maybe even cooking exhausts me rather than energising me*