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Basic Gut Reset Kit


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The Basic Gut Reset Kit is designed to support optimal gut health and includes natural herbs to promote digestive balance and overall well-being. Improve your gut health and feel revitalized with this simple yet effective kit.

This Basic gutreset kit contains the following herbs:

Triphala 50gm -1

Incha 50gm – 1

Foot Cream 50gm -1

Flaxseed 50gm – 1

Digest Curry Powder 20gm -1

Product Usage:

Triphala: For Intake: 1gm at bedtime in 1/2 glass warm water
For use as Body scrub:
Take out a small quantity .Add some water to make a paste .Apply all over the body and do dry scrubbing.
Wash it off using water and /or any herbal loofahs like ramacham or incha.

Incha : Take out a bunch. Pull the strands apart and remove
all the hard parts. Apply some water and use it for scrubbing.

Foot Cream: Take a very small amount and apply on both your feet one by one and
do a massage for about 5 minutes
* You may refrigerate the foot cream before use if it is liquid in consistency.

Flax seed: Mix 1/2 tsp with ½ tsp psyllium husk powder in 1/2 – 1
glass normal water and is to be taken on alternate
days at bedtime.

Digest Curry Powder : Can be used in your normal sabjis or curries. Also can be used in soups as toppings.


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