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Sesame Oil 500 ml


Elevate your cooking and boost your well-being with the exquisite flavor of our premium sesame oil. Infused with essential nutrients, it not only enhances your dishes with its aromatic essence but also provides numerous health benefits, including improved heart health and enhanced digestion.

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Sesame Oil 500 ml
Balances Vata and Kapha (Similar to Mustard Oil but with much better properties).
Sesame is rich in Vitamin E and B6 and many other minerals.
It can be used internally and externally.
Pure sesame oil or 100% sesame oil ( Ours is 100% sesame oil) should not be used externally as it can increase body heat. So always mix around 10% coconut oil to reduce the effect while applying it externally .
100% pure sesame oil is good for oil pulling as it helps in reducing tooth decay and gives good oral health.
It can be used for cooking also and it is the best oil for Vata prakruthi.


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